Domain shows a Bad gateway error

Hello, I just moved my domain from one CF account to another and I now have a 502 gateway error. It is not my host as other websites are working. I do not have any Cloudflare warnings, it seems to be internal to Cloudflare.

What can I do?


Read this CommunityTip. More information on understanding & fixing the same is given here:

I did read this tip and reached to my host, otherwise I won’t be here :slight_smile:

I also purged the CF’s cache, removed my A record, re-added it, reset my NS at the registrar level.

I mean, I’m here because I can’t call or reach anyone from CF :stuck_out_tongue:

I removed the proxied state as well… my host said there seems to be a problem with the A record. The MX record seems to be working since my email redirection works.

You should never need to do that. All it does is introduce additional delay into your diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Have you paused Cloudflare yet? Removing the proxy from the equation is a good way to isolate the source of the issue.

My current A record is not proxied. I just paused everything - waiting for propagation I guess.
Are there any tools other than the whois providers I can use to get technical information on this kind of issue?

Sure. I prefer to use dig from a command line to perform DNS queries. There are web based tools that will lack the degree of control you can get from the command line, but can be useful if you don’t have access to dig other native CLI tools, like nslookup.

MXToolbox and DNSChecker both have DNS query tools that you can use to lookup records.

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Ah so I paused CF and my domain started working. The problem seems to be located in Cloudflare :frowning:


Now the domain does not use CF proxy

The problem’s not located at CF, but its a failure of origin server to communicate back to CF. Have you checked the server logs or had a server overload issue?


The server is quite fine, it’s a shared hosting and my other domains (also going through CF) work flawlessly. I did not alter the configs, all I did was to transfer this domain from one account to another and chaos ensued.

I’ve enabled CF again and selected the DNS Only on the A record. It now works. However, when I’m trying to switch it to the Proxied state, I have some very weird behavior hapening.

I’ll try to enable it again but disable some features. It’s a bit sad I need to reverse engineer something because I have a free tier. At least we could have some kind of detailed logs on CF…

I disabled all the SSL certificates and reinstalled them, messed around with a lot of settings and it now works. Thanks for your support guys.


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