Domain showing Error 1014

My domain is showing Error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned
You’ve requested a page on a website that is part of the Cloudflare network. The host is configured as a CNAME across accounts on Cloudflare, which is prohibited by security policy

This error is shown in some specific Geo-locations and some location domains are not loading properly and sometimes it is slow. I am getting this error during the weekend.

My DNS settings are as follows.

CNAME _dnslink DNS only Auto
CNAME _dnslink.www DNS only Auto
CNAME DNS only Auto
CNAME www DNS only Auto
TXT google-site-verification=xx DNS only

This is an intermittent issue. Please help.

If you change the DNS records from :orange: to :grey: then does it work?

It’s odd that it’s location specific.

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@ajeesh.kannan It seems you are using Fleek service. You should get in touch with them regarding specific geo blocking.

Regarding 1014, as @domjh points out, changing the DNS records for your website from Cloudflare using :grey: should fix it.
Note this prevents you from using most Cloudflare services however. You might want to consider Cloudflare Web3 service.

Thank you @domjh and @thibault1 .

Yes, I am using the same “Gray” colored Cloudflare DNS. Then only we can verify the domain with Fleek platform.

CNAME _dnslink DNS only Auto
CNAME _dnslink.www DNS only Auto

As I said during the weekend ( week 23 2022) domain is slow for all geo-location and for some geo-location we found 1014( even though the domain is not using Orange color)

I have reported the same issue earlier aslo,Cloudflare-IPFS hosted domain is not loading

Now we can see the domain is loading fine. I think CF is doing some sort of DNS changes for IPFS during that time or CF 100% supporting the Cloudflare-based Web3 solution for IPFS? I have already checked with Fleek and they don’t have any downtime or maintenance reported.

So the issue is

  1. Intermittent slow domain (especially weekend time)
  2. Intermittent error 1014

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