Domain showing as Moved


We had the nameserver records accidentally changed at our registrar at godaddy yesterday around 16:00 on 3/1/2023, they were changed back to the Cloudflare nameservers within 5 minutes of the change.

The site now shows as moved status in our Cloudflare account although everything is pointing correctly within godaddy, and 18 hours have passed.

What is your domain?

That is odd, once our systems notice the change it sends an email indicating the zone will be removed in a week if they are not changed back. So…

I’d suspect it was before yesterday as a week after the change, we check again and then remove the zone. But, as @Cyb3r-Jak3 asked

getfluent. com. I got a response from support saying that it just needs time to load. But i’ve never waited this long really.

“Checking the nameservers for your domain, and everything looks good to go. Nameserver changes can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate.”

dig NS getfluent. com +trace +short
NS a.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS b.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS c.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS d.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS e.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS f.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS g.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS h.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS i.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS j.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS k.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS l.root-servers. net. from server in 66 ms.
NS from server in 66 ms.
NS arturo.ns.cloudflare. com. from server in 54 ms.
NS rosa.ns.cloudflare. com. from server in 54 ms.

Is arturo and rosa the correct name servers you have been presented with?

If so, it indeed seems to be the propagation time on your end, that is the problem.

Changing things such as e.g. name servers or DNSSEC related data from the domain registrar can take up to 48-96 hours to propagate worldwide, which neither Cloudflare, the domain registrar/registry, or anyone else would be able to expedite.

For the major domains such as e.g. the .com and .net TLD, the TTL of the delegation from the parent registry is set at 48 hours, which means that the 48 hours is the least you should be expecting to wait for.

Various ISP’s out there can in theory do fancy things, if you’re using your ISP’s DNS resolver, and that your ISP decided that they wanted to cache everything for 30 days, just to mention an arbitrary example, you would likely have to wait for those 30 days on their network / while using their resolver.

From a past (but actual personal, real life) experience, the magic kind of propagation time, until I personally didn’t experience any issues any more, was somewhere around 60 hours.

The fact that I didn’t personally experience any issues any more after ~ 60 hours, would however not the same as that it would be impossible for anyone worldwide to see any issues still.

Given the above (e.g. delegation TTL of 48 hours), I wouldn’t personally suggest you to expect magic within less than the 48 hours though.

Yes the nameservers match with Cloudflare & registrar. That was what was interesting.

Thanks for the reply, i’ll wait longer and see.

So it’s been 4 days e.g. 96 hours and it still shows as moved… Could it be stuck?

Above is what I see on your domain, is that what is supposed to be shown?

Nothing has changed, since yesterday you posted that?

Theoretically, it wouldn’t be completely impossible that there are some communication malfunction somewhere.

Everything routing wise is working correctly. That website you posted is exactly what we should be seeing, all our subdomains, mx records etc. all look fine. Nothing has changed since i last posted.

It all started when there was another person working on the backend who was having problems with a subdomain and was told by WPEngine to change the NS records, when they did that, of course it brought everything down, they changed it back to the correct ones which made everything work properly again, but now we are stuck in Moved limbo. I’m specifically worried as i was reading the domain will be deleted after 7 days of move status, and for obvious reasons, that’s not acceptable.


That’s great!

Seems less great though, but I believe I have a plausible idea about that:

DNS records do have the TTL (Time To Live) as mentioned above, - however, when you are scanning domains (e.g. to verify it’s “correct” set up), how quickly do you actually want to re-scan?

You could always choose to follow the actual TTL, … but, that adds other caveats:

If some random person or organisation set their TTL to 60 seconds (1 minute), - you would end up on scanning that specific domain (or records) about 1'440 times per day, 10'080 per week, or roughly 524'160 per year.

Question is just, would there, like ever, be any meaningful reason to that?

It would likely do a lot more useless Internet traffic, than it would actually do any help, with that many scans.

As such, many of the organisations I know out there, that are leaning on (re)checking domain related things in the DNS system, are not just leaning directly to the actual TTL, but delaying even further, to avoid (too much) wasted traffic, and at the same time, play nicely to other Internet properties.

My guess, without having access to the programming code to verify the exact procedures (or similar), would be, that Cloudflare would scan again after these 7 days, and if things are then normal (e.g. as expected), it would be set back to Active.

I guess most would be in the same boat, as you are here, regarding that thought.

@cloonan Any chance the above could be escalated, either to find a fix (if required), or at least to confirm the plausible reason I gave above?

DarkDeviL and all thanks for the responses. The issue is resolved now. I’ll document quickly below what steps were taken for other people so they can see this before contacting support.

NS records were changed at the registrar level, then reverted back. Domain status in Cloudflare changed to moved. All systems were operational but status would not change. Contacted support, after they extensively examined their back end of our system they could not force it to active, and recommended the site be removed and then re-added.

I exported DNS records, took screenshots of all configurations, then after hours proceeded to remove the website, then add it back in. After around 10minutes or so the site became active.

Thanks everyone.