Domain show as moved - Re-Check Link from email not working and empty overview

Hello all!

First of all, sorry for my bad english, i’ll try to do my best.

Today I recived a email from CF saying that my domain was moved. It fixed that problem, my domain was expired and my website is working right now.

Anyways, in the email I had a warning that my domain would be deleted in 7 days, unless I check it again, and a link to do that.

Edit: cant attach image because im ‘new user’.

That link is not working, so, I looked at the documentation, and i got the following:

When i enter to my overview, is empty:
Edit: cant attach image because im ‘new user’. ![image|690x484]

I dont have any re-check option.

I need help because i think my domain will be deleted from CF in the following seven days, and that will be a problem for me.

Also i’ve sent a ticket, but i dont have any reply yet.


Image from empty overview:

Hi @alexisnahuel.g,

Does the domain show as active on your account home page? If so, it has probably automatically re-activated if you changed the nameservers back.

Hello domjh, thanks for reply!

Looks like it was corrected 10 minutes ago.

It was “moved”, but recently I received an email where it was activated again.

Thanks, that issue can be closed

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