Domain Servers changed, cant modify to fix, support non-existent

Transferred domain into cloudflare with nameservers already set to adi and rex.

Nameservers were changed during the transfer without my doing.

No way to modify the name servers within the DNS panel so domain is now down.

Support auto closes all tickets so what do I do now ?

Some registrars break that during transfer out. Support can help.

Please post the ticket # so we can escalate this to reopen the ticket.

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Ticket 2274644

I know Cloonan has seen this, but I just escalated this to be sure. You’ll see that support here isn’t “non-existant” when it comes to issues customers can’t fix via the Community.

Support picked up ticket but nothing has been done is there any way to contact anybody who will act on this immediately ?

Domain has been down for more than 4 days now. Asking the bare minimum that would be expected of any registration set the DNS servers. Nothing I can do to fix it and can’t transfer it out because its locked.

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