Domain seems not responding even though IP ping works and website shows on ip

Hi everyone,
I’m not sure how to put this other than im (not that i like asking for anything as it crumbles my integrity and creates loud voices talking so i don’t ask often) asking for help about my domain

Nameservers are pointed to

The IP’s resolves fine when entering them directly into the browser:

They ping just fine but when entering:
… it seems idle and not responding,

error in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
Could someone in here tell me what im doing wrong?

Best wishes
Kim Jacobsen

Hi Kim, thanks for reaching out to the Cloudflare Community!

I am able to resolve your domain just fine and am not seeing any issues. Are you able to provide more details and a screenshot of what you are seeing? As the message suggests dns resolution issues, the output of dig or nslookup for your site would also be helpful.

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