Domain searches being front-runned?

I know this isn’t Workers-specific, but I think you guys have someone front-running your domain register searches… almost all short/clever names that appear in your searches are registered instantly before we can get them (WHOIS confirms they’ve been locked up moments ago). Super frustrating.

Might be whatever lookup API you’re using is being watched…

This applies to anything visible in the results, not even the terms directly searched for. Happy to provide a screen recording of this, but really it’s easy to replicate. Search for a term, look at the results - if you see something that seems catchy (in particular short single-word terms), try registering. It will likely fail, and WHOIS will confirm it was taken as of today (but no info yet).

Can you list a couple of them? Would be interesting to check them out

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I looked up about twenty minutes ago a .vet domain with the MD5 hash 6968cae64496a580a2d55bcb0c1e721b and it has not been registered yet. And yes, it’s eight characters and could be considered interesting.

I can list a bunch of them!

These domains are either reserved by the registry (possibly premium domains, which Cloudflare does not support) or are not registered at all (i.e.

The domain I checked earlier still hasn’t been registered, I think it’s fair to say there won’t be any such scanning.

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Those look to be either reserved names, or Premium. Nobody can grab a reserved name, and Cloudflare doesn’t handle Premium domains.

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It’s possible that CF just isn’t filtering results enough… I’m seeing tons of things come through that are currently registered.

That’s good at least, but perhaps the filtering needs to be a bit better!

Isn’t the whole thing still marked as beta or preview? The whole registrar service is not yet fully there yet IMHO but I really don’t think anybody is collecting domain names and the evidence doesn’t seem to suggest it either.

And the domain I looked up was - if anybody is interested :smile:

Seems like a porn link (because of the URL)

When will you support transferring premium domains? I bought a premium .host domain on Godaddy and would like to transfer it to to Cloudflare. Godaddy has given me a transfer authorization code, why can’t CF accept the transfer?

The only public announcement said:

In the coming months

Because currently they don’t support premium domains. But you already know that.

What error are you receiving when you try to transfer?

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