Domain search did not list all lines (A, CNAME, MX)

I am a beginner trying to attach my Domain to ClickMagick.
I loaded the domain but it did not bring up a list of A, CNAME,MX details.
Thought I would have a list of A, CNAME & MX details but nothing was there.
ClickMagick only refer to the A & CNAME in their help, so I have been ok to add those.
How do I add the MX lines??

Hi @kylie_martin ,

You should check the DNS records you have with your current provider and copy them across, to make sure you don’t miss anything.

I have just purchased the Domain from Namecheap. So not transferring from anywhere.

OK, in which case you will need to get the required records from all the providers you use. Including whoever hosts your emails.

I have not set any emails up yet. Just at the beginning of setting up a business.

If you want emails on your own domain, you will need to set that up with a provider of your choice, then. Then add the records they ask for at Cloudflare.

Thanks for your help.
I will add the MX when I set up emails.

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