Domain-Scoped Roles Unavailable

Hello, I have 3 zones under my account for 3 different domains (2 of which I have transferred to Cloudflare). I wish to grant access to my technical staff so that they can edit DNS records on 2 of my 3 domains. Reading the documentation on Cloudflare I should be able to setup scoped roles when I invite a member so that they can only manage 2 out of my 3 zones.

However, when inviting a new member the scoped role section is not present in the dashboard, I can only invite someone with full access to all my zones. Also, pursuant to the documentation I should be able to setup domain groups under “lists” but only “IP lists” are available (not domain group lists).

I should state that I am om the free plan for all domains (maybe that is the problem).

Can someone point me into the right direction?


After pressing the Invite button on the Members page you should have the ability to do something like this…

I’m on the free plan too.

Yeah, That’s the options I should have available according to the documentation, however I do not see any scopes section or domain groups… (just administrator or minimal account access with no option to limit the scope):

Thanks for your help.

Are you on the members page at[account-id]/members? Because the screenshot you have posted looks completely different to what I see.

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Yes, I’m right there. I do not understand why my dashboard looks so different from what it’s supposed to be.

Thanks anyway

@trossello Can you submit an account ticket from your dashboard and share the number here so it can be escalated?

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Sure, My ticket is 2882652.

The weird thing is I just opened another account with a different email address, and on the new account I do get the right members pannel and can add members with limited scopes and roles. However, I’d like to avoid transfering my domains and zones to another cloudflare account as I think this can mess my proxified DNS records.

Thanks for your assistance.

I advise against moving your domains around. I am fairly certain that Domain Scope Roles were supposed to have been applied to all accounts. If they did not get applied to yours properly, it should be something that can be fixed. Thanks for sharing the request number. I have submitted an escalation request for your ticket.

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Thanks a lot.

Yes, this can probably be fixed.

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you and @anon9246926


We have replied in the ticket and enabled Domain Scoped Roles on your account.
You should no longer be seeing any issues.


Thanks @dmartin1

That was quick, it’s been fixed, however I cannot reinvite one of the users because it’s account does not have the Domain Scoped Roles enabled either. I have replied in the ticket.


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