Domain Scoped Roles - Adding members and getting roles/permissions details

Hello there,

I’ve been digging into your API documentation as I wanted to update some API calls I use for adding new members and checking the roles/permissions for existing ones, but all I can see is related to the general roles.

Would there be a way for me to both set and get details related to the Domain Scoped Roles via API?


Are you having any issues using the API documentation listed below?

Addings new members:

Listing members and roles:

Hey @dmartin1, I do use these without any issues when adding users using the standard account wide roles.

I don’t see any way to get/set domain scoped roles through these endpoints.
Does these support DSR?
If so, would you have any examples on how to use these endpoints for that?

If these don’t support DSR, could you tell me if there are any endpoints for handling DSR?


Could anyone help me with this one?