Domain resolving to Bad IP when cached

When we have our domain in HTTP Proxy mode we see that some times our domain works correctly to the correct IP and sometimes it goes to a bad IP address This bad IP address is blacklisted and shows up on various reports as malicious, so we cannot send out any newsletters, etc.

If we turn off the proxy mode then the reports show only the correct IP address of

See report here: DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

Any ideas?

This is by design. Why is my domain resolving to the wrong IP when I do a DNS lookup or ping?

Outbound mail traffic doesn’t go through Cloudflare if you are having trouble sending mail you should look at your SPF, dkim and other mail hygeine records and ensure they are correct.

The problem is that our marketing tool uses an IP lookup to check to make sure the IP is not blacklisted. CBL and spamhaus report as being malicious and blacklisted - so as long as that IP is associated with our domain, then we cannot send emails for our newsletter

What. The. Heck.

Why does your marketing tool tie the validity of your email to the IP address of a shared web host? While there’s a tenuous logical connection here, it’s a policy clearly in error here. Have you contacted your marketing tool people?

Cloudflare isn’t likely to change your IP addresses…though they might be in a charitable mood to do so in this case. Open Support Ticket and plead your case.

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CBL is clear with their statement. There is malicious content behind this ip. Which doesn’t surprise me since it is shared. Some website that has been hacked or knowingly spreading :poop:

Since CBL found an entry at Spamhaus, the domain in question can also be part of the Spamhaus DBL. I didn’t check it.

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