Domain resolves slowly or not at all

Hello, I recently set up a personal website on a domain using Cloudflare Pages.

The direct link works 100% of the time, but the one someties works fine, otherwise takes a fair bit to resolve, and some other times straight up doesn’t work.

This also happens for a few other subdomains which are also set through Cloudflare (not pictured). It’s not an internet issue of mine because other websites work perfectly fine. What could cause this?

This seems to be an issue with the Freenom, who runs the .cf TLD.

 $ dig
;; Query time: 1030 msec

$ time dig NS


;; Query time: 1020 msec

dig NS  0.00s user 0.01s system 0% cpu 11.039 total

In fact, the lookup for the .cf root servers is slow:

cf.                            IN      NS

cf.                     0       IN      NS      d.ns.CF.
cf.                     0       IN      NS      a.ns.CF.
cf.                     0       IN      NS      c.ns.CF.
cf.                     0       IN      NS      b.ns.CF.
;; Query time: 2640 msec

dig ns cf  0.00s user 0.00s system 0% cpu 7.655 total

and trying to query your domain’s authoritative records via the official nameservers themselves leads to connection timeouts:

time dig NS

;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

This is corroborated by dnsviz | DNSViz

When I dig via the authoritative CF nameservers (dig AAAA, the lookup is instant.

All in all Freenom is a free service and there are countless examples on the forums here showcasing issues with their servers. You might want to consider a different top-level domain for your site.


i use domain from freenom also.
and cant access, always get response DNS time out from nslookup .

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Oh well, it had a good run. Thank you very much for checking this for me.

I’ll be purchasing a proper domain now, cheers

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