Domain reports dmarc

When I set up my domain recently I enabled “domain reports” for dmarc. I wish I hadn’t. I simply get too many of them. I can’t find how to disable them and have searched for an answer but nothing comes up.
Thanks in advance for your help with this.

That’s a DNS entry. DMARC is good, but I recommend against the Report option if you don’t like all that.

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DMARC reporting is an important part of DMARC, but it isn’t meant to be sent to a mailbox that is used by a human. It should be sent to a monitoring service, like dmarcian or Report URI, that will process the reports into intelligible aggregate data. If you aren’t using a reporting service and have reports being delivered to your inbox, the change @sdayman shared should fix things up until such time as you are ready to direct the reports to a DMARC monitoring service.

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Thanks for your input on this. I removed the “rua=mailto:” from the DNS record.

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