Domain reports different IP address than set in Cloud Flare

This site shows that the IP address that is pointing to is

However, I have it set to : in Cloud Flare.

I’ve waited 4 days now, it’s not updated.

What am I doing wrong?


The symptom I’m getting is that the domain name does show the contents of the server it’s pointing to.
I though perhaps the cause was that the IP address was not set correctly at Cloud Flare.

So, if I look at the IP for the DOmain name, it will not be for the actual server with the content it is rendering, correct?

And you will find an explanation for that if you read the linked article.

But yes, as long as you proxy it it will not be the IP you specified.


In the screenshot provided, it shows a Cloudflare IP, not the IP of your server, which is correct if the record is set to :orange: . When I do a lookup on the domain, I also see a Cloudflare IP, not your server one, again, correct.

Cloudflare masks the IP of your server to help prevent attacks.


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