Domain Renewed despite payment failure?


Yesterday I wanted to renew 3 of my domains registered via CloudFlare. First 2 renewals went through without a hitch.

For the 3rd domain renewal, I got an error message (that still appears in whenever I click on that domain): “We were unable to process your payment. To keep your domain registration, [update your payment method].”

Funnily the domain renewal for the 3rd domain still went through so now the expiry is in 2031 (which is what I wanted).

Today I got the invoice by email for these renewals but the invoice only contained payment for the first 2 domain renewals. I logged back into and I see the above warning about payment still appearing for the 3rd domain.

Yesterday after seeing that error message I immediately updated the billing info (changed my backup card to the primary card) but can’t see a way to initiate a chargeback :confused: to make sure the payment for the 3rd domain renewal actually goes through.

I don’t want this to cause any trouble down the line so I want to resolve this now but not sure what I can do.

I don’t know why payment processing was not possible as I’m sure I have enough funds in my cards.

What should I do?


Hi @user10414,

Do you have a billing ticket open about this? If not can you email [email protected] from the email address on your account with the details? When you get an autoreply with a ticket number, please post that here.

Hi @domjh

Thanks for your reply. I did as you requested and the response: “Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Billing Support - we have received your request (#2305015)”

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Thanks. Dom just escalated that ticket #.


HI @user10414,
This ticket has already been escalated to the Registrar engineering team, yesterday 11/15/21.


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