Domain renewal failed, potential loss of domain?

I’m facing an issue with renewing my domain that recently expired, completely my fault, I thought I had auto renewal enabled but I did not, and missed the reminder emails.

Despite my attempts to renew it through the Cloudflare GUI, I haven’t been able to, and has now been dropped from the GUI. The WHOIS records, still pointless to cloudflare.

I submitted a support ticket over a week ago but have not yet received a response as of yet. It is approaching the limit on how long expired domains are held for hence why I am reaching out here.

Can anyone offer guidance on how long it normally takes for a support ticket to be answered or how to escalate this issue within Cloudflare support?
Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.Thank you!

P.s I am aware that I could upgrade to business support but I am unable to do so.
Also this is by no means a complaint about support etc, cloudflare offers a lot on their free tier and I don’t expect business level support without paying for it.

This is a domain issue, for which you’re entitled to direct support from the Registrar team. Upgrading to a Business plan does not affect that.

Did you select “Cloudflare Registrar” when creating the ticket? If so, please share the ticket number here so we can escalate it for you.

#3260527 is the ticket reference

I am not 100% certain on which category I selected, I’d have assumed I would have selected the appropriate option however I also assumed I had set the domain to auto renew!
I do know I was unable to select the specific domain due to it no longer showing in my account.

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I’ve flagged the post for CF staff to look into the ticket for you.

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Hi there,

I’ve replied in the ticket. Please try and follow the steps given and see if your problem is solved.
Get back to me from the ticket if you have any question.

Take care.

Thank you both for your assistance, the issue has not yet been resolved and I am coming to terms with the fact I’m probably going to need to try and re-register it (and potentially loose the domain).

I’ve replied to the ticket (and see that you have already replied again!) but wanted to publicly say thank you for the support offered.

You can close this thread and I shall continue the conversation via the ticketing system.

Hi there,

Cloudflare is the registrar. The registry is the entity that officializes the ownership of the specific TLD.

Take care.