Domain Renewal Card payments failing while using Indian Cards

I’m trying to renew my domain which is expiring today from the Cloudflare dashboard. The repeated auto payments have been failing the past few weeks. So today I tried changing my card from an Amex to another Visa card and even that failed. I’m not sure what the exact error is since that doesn’t show up on the renewal dashboard, just that the card failed.

International transactions are enabled on both cards and have worked on other US sites in the past week. I also tried a Paypal payment with a third card, which also failed. All these have an adequate balance for payment but seems to fail on the site.

Can you let me know how I can go about paying for my domain before it gets deactivated? TIA.

Well i have also transferred my domain to cloudflare from India without any issue since your domain is expiring today, you should try using Paytm virtual visa card with international payment enabled. I have used this card before and it worked, worth giving a shot

Thanks, since I haven’t got a Paytm account, it looks like I need to sign up for a Paytm bank account to get this virtual card from them. I’ve tried with a PayZap Virtual Card after I saw your message, that doesn’t seem to be international transaction enabled though.

Registration is all online though, you can get it working

Rather than risk losing the domain, I ended up transferring the domain over to Hover where my Amex card (which kept failing on Cloudflare) worked.

Thanks for the suggestion @cloudcreatr - but I don’t really trust Paytm with my financial details and banking which is why I didn’t sign up with them in the first place.

Glad you transferred your domain and it didn’t expire

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