Domain renewal: Auto-renew date / manual renewal

What is the exact date CF would attempt to renew a domain (to charge my card)? Is it at the very expiration date (say Oct 21, 2020)? If so then this is a dangerous behavior - at that date there is a chance for an intermittent problem (no sufficient funds in card or other) to render my domain inoperable on Oct 22. It should start to try to renew at least a month before expiration.
Also, when I turn off auto-renewal, I cannot see an option to manually renew/pay. Is there a way for manual renewal? These are critical to me and should have been explained in a more prominent way somewhere before people transfer their domains to a beta-registrar.

Hi @hadjiev,

Perhaps one of the other MVPs knows about this, however, I don’t believe any domains on Cloudflare will have come up for renewal yet, unless someone got in very early, so it may be that only support can answer that.

Disabling AutoRenew

Cloudflare Registrar enrolls your domain to AutoRenew by default. Unlike other registrars, your domain will only renew at the list price set by the registry.

If you decide you no longer need the domain, you can disable AutoRenew for your account. Once disabled, your domain will not renew upon expiration.

You can continue to keep your domain registered with Cloudflare for the time remaining on the expiration. If you decide you want to keep the domain, you can enable AutoRenew at any time prior to your expiration.

Thanks. I know and read that quote from the site. It seems auto is the only way to renew here. I wouldn’t mind if the procedure was made reliable and not due in the last moment when I wouldn’t be able to react appropriately (have at least a week or two to take action). Having no choice to renew, say, 2-3 months in advance is critical to me and for now I’ll wait for the 60 days to pass and transfer away. I have another, local, registrar in “my sleeve” that is only a dollar more expensive for most domains. It seems cheaper domain registrars are just starting to emerge.
Still, I’ll keep an eye for other opinions regarding the reliability of domain renewal.

I didn’t expect but support answered in acceptable timeframe.
It seems they start to try to renew 30 days before expiration which is Okay. Also it seems they’ll introduce a way for manual renewal very soon. I’ll keep the domain here for now and will see what happens after about a year.


Seems like they lied or postponed the changes. No functionality for manual renewal. Thus I’m not sure if the 30-days renewal in advance is true. I’ll suspend my intentions to move other domains to CF (will transfer to other cheap registrars in the meantime) until I see there are real changes and see what happens after 11 months. We cannot rely on words or promises anymore and everything today must be tested on your own until you see how a system behaves with the smallest possible “investment” before you can judge if it’s worth the bigger one.

I am afraid that we don’t know any more than you do on this. I would suggest you contact support again.

I doubt they intentionally ‘lied’ about anything, a feature may be delayed, but again, I am afraid we can’t help.

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