Domain removed from Cloudflare, still seeing Cloudflare NS in DNS check

Few days ago, I wanted to try Cloudflare, so I set up free account and started adding my domain.
I ended at changing nameservers. I changed them at my domain registrar (not Cloudflare). On another day, I decide to remove domain from Cloudflare. So I did and changed nameservers at my domain registrar back as they were.

But when I run DNS test (mxtools or, it still shows me one, or both Cloudflare’s NS (,, beside my current nameservers. I checked and I dont have any other NS set up at my domain registrar which can point to Cloudflare.

Is there some problem, or how long it could take to delete association of my domain with Cloudflare’s nameservers? It will be almost 24hrs from removing my domain from Cloudflare.

Thanks in advance.

It entirely depends on your TLDs root nameservers but the general rule of thumb is 48 hours.

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