Domain Removed for cloudflare

Hello, my domain got removed from cloudflare for no reason. I’ve been also waiting more than 24h for the name servers aprovement and nothing. The name servers are correct.       3600    IN      NS       3600    IN      NS       3600    IN      NS       3600    IN      NS       3600    IN      NS       3600    IN      NS

There are a few extra entries that you need to remove. Only the Cloudflare nameservers can be there.


Well, it used to work before. And also, how will it work? It won’t show anything, I run everything in a vps

You need to have your DNS entries in Cloudflare DNS pointing to the appropriate hosts before changing your nameservers.

Your domain was removed from Cloudflare because it was never properly configured. If you review your email you will find a warning to that effect prior to its removal.


You seem to have followed the advice and configured your domain for Cloudflare. However, you still have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare and essentially no proper encryption.

Make sure to change your encryption mode is Full Strict and that you have a valid certificate for “www” on your server.

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