Domain Registry forces 3 Nameservers

Hi everyone,

I recently registered a .hu Domain.
I tried to migrate its DNS to Cloudflare, which didn’t work.
After contacting the Registry they told me, I am forced to use exactly three Nameserver.
The Problem: Cloudflare only provides two.
Is there a way to get an third Nameserver from Cloudflare?

I hopre there is a way…
Thank you in advance!

I am afraid Cloudflare only provides the two nameservers assigned to your domain.

However, there are plenty of .hu domains on Cloudflare (e.g., so that can’t be really a requirement by the Hungarian registry. I’d talk to the registrar again.

Domain Registration Policy -

11.1 At least two domain name servers, responding authoritatively to requests received at the TCP and UDP ports 53

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