Domain registration

I registered a domain with Google and connected it to Cloudflare and then to Wix and got it working. I also had a domain registered through Wix but cannot transfer it out directly to Cloudflare without first connecting it to Cloudflare :slightly_frowning_face: And I have realized the issues with connecting it to Cloudflare while it is registered to Wix. Would be cool if I could simply transfer the domain to Cloudflare first, or even better, be able to register a domain with Cloudflare, which I am assuming will be available with time.

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I’m not sure there’s a question in there somewhere. Yes, it would be nice if Cloudflare would roll out a registration service instead of just transfers. Hopefully…soon. Along with that, letting users assign their own name servers would be nice. But at zero markup on domain registrations, Cloudflare doesn’t have a lot of motivation to fully open up as a full-blown registrar. Mostly just as a nice service for their current customers. But I don’t work for Cloudflare and am not a mind reader.