Domain registration with cloudflare but cannot DNS be resolved

I changed my service provider into After that point cloudflare Because of Domain registration with cloudflare but cloudflare cloudflare 1. Log in to your registrar account Remove these nameservers:
2. Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers
But I can’t find the menu to change.


Is this the account where the domain is registered under?

But I registered the domain that cloudflare

These two screenshots are from the same account?

If so you need to contact support and they need to fix the nameservers. They currently set a different pair of nameservers with the registry.

Yes, from the same account

In that case you need to do what I just mentioned.

How do I contact? I don’t have a way to contact. With people

Thanks sandro

In cases where Cloudflare is the registrar and the NS are not set correctly you do currently need to contact Support to resolve this manually.

I can see here that the team have helped to get this resolved for you so I am going to close this.