Domain Registration using the API


I checked the API documentation and it looks like the domain registration is not supported via API, am I wrong ?

It does seem to be the case; although previously, there were API documentation regarding functions related to transfers, but they no longer exist from what I can tell. (note: I did not try for ~3 months)

But you can preview what they were/are here: cloudflare-go/registrar.go at v0.39.0 · cloudflare/cloudflare-go · GitHub

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API for domain registration is available but only for Enterprise customers.

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Are there any plans to make this available to free plan customers? transfers (in) via API would be immensely useful to me as I am working my way through transferring 100’s of domains to CF but right now, it’s quite laborious on the Cloudflare end.

Registration via API would also be really useful; I currently register ~10 domains a day via CF across accounts and due to the CF process I have to do this individually which is a bit time consuming (vs being able to “add-to-basket”).