Domain registration on Cloudflare, how to setup DNS

I’ve just registered a new domain through Cloudflare registrar. DNSSEC is enabled and working.

The site won’t resolve, I guess I expected a parking page or at least a 404.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • Turned off HSTS after initially turning it on
  • Added A records for beth/igor based on hostname to IP (I was desperate, I’m sure this is wrong)

I plan to use CF Pages via a worker. but I really don’t understand the CF prompts in the DNS management zone

Please forgive the ignorance here, but I’ve tried to find the answer to what seems like a no brainer. Appreciate the help.

I can’t see any records in your screenshot for Pages - you’d just add a custom domain in your Pages project which creates the records for you then put a Worker on that route.

Correct, thank you. For anyone else, once I had my Nuxt JS Github repository, I went to Account Home (top right person icon), and clicked on Pages (left hand nav).

I created a new project, auth’d to Github, and went through the build process. After that, the worker was live (Cloudflare guides you through most of the process).

From the Pages interface, I added a custom domain:

I didn’t want my Pages subdomain accessible, so I used the bulk redirects. See answer here: Prevent Direct access to domain and only via main domain - #4 by albert

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