Domain Registration Monthly Billing Frequency

I have 100+ domains I am looking to transfer to cloudflare domain registry.

Can anyone with multiple domains advise about the billing auto renewal process, please?

Firstly, I get the impression that domains auto renewed individually approximately 30 days before expiry.

My question is:

Is there an option for domains in any given month to be auto renewed together under a single invoice, and also 1 month before expiry?

For example If there were 12 domains that renew in April, then all 12 would all renew on March 1s with a single monthly invoice and payment.

I have two reasons for a single monthly charge;
1/ It cuts down book-keeping from 100+ entries to 12 / year
2/ It reduces the chance of my CC being frozen for fraud for multiple transactions.

There doesn’t appear to be any option for monthly billing, I was hoping it might appear once there were multiple domains listed, but…

Thank you for your help.

I have found this info:

That is not an option unless you update to Cloudflare’s enterprise registrar service.


Thank you for your response.

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