Domain registration form not recognising UK phone number

First, thanks for providing such a wonderful service you Cloudflare folks, it is really helping speed up my websites. :slight_smile:
Just to let you know: there is a wee glitch in the new domain registration system. The form for registering domains does not recognize my UK mobile phone number as valid (my mobile number starts with a 7) Also once the form detects a problem with the phone number, and the relevant boxes go red, it won’t recognize a genuine UK landline phone numbers as correct. It is only if I switch country to something else (not UK) and then re-select UK as the country, that it will recognize my UK landline number.
I got the domains registered eventually, but thought you would like to know about this wee problem…
Kindest regards,

Hi William,

Thanks for letting us know! We will look into this issue.

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