Domain registration for m'y web site

M trying to registre my domain in Cloudflare but it says that its not registred
M’y web site domain is (urasec.42w/
I do not type the sub domain while trying registring i type (urasec/.io)

The slash is bcz it didnt allow me to créat a topic using links

Have a nice day

You will not be able add to Cloudflare because there is no such domain.


Domain not found.
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2022-08-24T14:23:24Z <<<

I know sir m’y domain is urasec/.42web/.io
Since Cloudflare doesnt accept subdomains i had to put urasec/.io in Cloudflare search is not a domain. It is a subdomain of Subdomains can only be added to Cloudflare using a partial CNAME setup which requires a Business plan or higher.

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