Domain registration for a squarespace site

I have a godaddy domain, the dns for which is configured with Cloudflare. My site is built on squarespace. I have added cname and @ records as suggested by squarespace, but squarespace’s domain manager says the domain registration is still under progress. I contacted squarespace support and they got back saying “it could be due to the way Cloudflare operate where they somehow mask the actual records or use something known as a proxy so the actual records are not visible but are actually working correctly. I would advise checking the Cloudflare documentation or contacting their support to find out why those records are not visible externally yet still appear to be functioning correctly.”

I am able to access my site, but i do notice there are times when we have to refresh a couple of times before we get redirected.

Kindly help.

What exactly does this mean? My guess would be they couldnt verify your domain yet because the record they want to validate is proxied and hence doesnt show what they expect. In that case you should switch the record (temporarily) from :orange: to :grey:.

But thats just speculation. Post a screenshot of the message you get.

Thank you so much! Yes, this helped.

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