Domain Registration Blank

Domain Registration does not have any forms or search.

There is only a single link to the documentation.

From the documentation:

1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account.

2. Go to Domain Registration > Register Domains.

3. In the search box, enter the domain name you wish to register

Not sure if there were any recent changes and the documentation is not reflecting this or if there is a bug on /domains/register/


If you can go into your dashboard and then create an account ticket that would be of great help. If you can post the ticket # here it would help us get to this request in a more timely manner.

Ticket #3056417, thanks.

I can see an agent replied to your ticket and it now appears to be solved, so I’ll mark this post as solved as well. Please reply to the ticket if you have any questions.

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