Domain Registrar: Unknown preventing transfer?

I’m trying to transfer a domain to Cloudflare as I have done in the past, but the domain is showing “Registrar: Unknown” and the transfer button is not shown.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Hi @aelexe, can you share the name of the domain that you cannot transfer? The only time I’ve seen something similar is when waiting for name server confirmation.

Hi @cloonan. The domain is I did update the name servers during the API fritz earlier today so I don’t know if that’s had anything to do with it.

Ah, got it, I don’t think the issues earlier affected registrar but am pretty sure it’s a much simpler issue of an unsupported TLD, we don’t yet support country top domains.

Ah, that’s a shame. Do you know if there’s any plans to support them in the future?

That is a real focus for us, but I’m not close to the details on timing. Usually, we don’t communicate it internally until just before we announce, there are a lot of moving parts to support these.

But, I am also keenly interested. We keep this page, updated as the source for supported tlds and I’ll make certain we also communicate progress here.