Domain registrar transfer for new zealand domains

Hi all,
First time cloudflare user.
Have test domain(s) ending in .nz which I am wanting to transfer from generic registrar to Cloudflare.
Nameservers are adjusted to cloudflare but I cannot transfer - I suspect based on other articles that the domain suffix is not supported - where can I find a policy/list detailing accepted domains &;
How do ultimately make Cloudflare my registrar without transferring the domain.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!!

Here’s a list of TLDs supported by Cloudflare:

If you don’t like your current registrar, there are certainly many other good ones that can register .nz domains. Gandi has been pretty good to me.

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Thanks for that. yeah - our current registrar has not been an issue other than they dont support MFA to access our account which in todays world is a compliance no-no.

Gandi supports MFA and DNSSEC (for capable TLDs).

.nz domains are $24 a year there, so that seems a pretty reasonable price.