Domain registrar pricing + TLD availabilty

1/ This page: TLD Policies | Cloudflare list TLDs, but not their prices. I can’t find that anywhere searching this site. The closest thing I find is that the fee will be “at cost”. But what is that cost? Why isn’t the fee for each TLD added to that page’s table?

Specifically: what is the cost for .com, .org, .net, and .info?

2/ I also have some .us domains. Are you planning to add this TLD? If so, is the outlook months or years away?

I want to transfer to Cloudflare, but I don’t want to have to keep two registrars. (My current handles all my TLDs.) I didn’t notice any country code TLDs in that list. What’s the heavy lag here? I checked last November as well.

  1. They’re wholesale, so here’s a list →
  2. There’s no ETA on ccTLDs. I think they ran out of steam.

I have three. One is awesome, one is good, and one is so-so (but very convenient and priced lower than the other two, though lacking in features).

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Thanks sdayman for the info on 1. They should update their page’s table to include this. I hope this post at least remains searchable for people looking for Cloudfare’s domain prices in the future.

Regarding 2: Does anybody from Cloudflare ever answer these officially, or is it all community? I asked 10 months ago regarding .us and was told they were working on it. Why would that take 10 months, much less longer? Can Cloudflare publish an official statement on whether they’re pursuing being a real registrar and including all TLDs with an ETA on these issues please?

How can you be such a big company and announce you’re going to be a registrar and then drop the ball this badly. It seems embarrassing. You think they would’ve had the TLDs taken care of before rolling it out. I love the idea and appreciate you’re doing it. I was looking forward to charges at cost, free privacy, and the convenience of being bundled in an account I’m already using for my domains’ Cloudfare services.

I would even pay a small fee for this. But the big seller was getting my domains’ registry management and Cloudfare services in one trustworthy account and I still can’t do that.

That’ll never happen. Until the ink dries on the paper, there’s no ETA.

Please note that the Community MVPs don’t work for Cloudflare. We’re customers who volunteer our time.

ccTLDs are never easy, as each one belongs to a different entity. If you look at the Policy list, most of them are Donuts, so it was an easy one-stop-shop for a ton of TLDs. My opinion is it’s a lot of effort for no profit (literally). The registrar service here is only a “convenience” for sites already on Cloudflare. It probably should have been a low-key feature, but they were pretty excited to get into a new market segment for their customers.

That wasn’t directed at you sdayman. I appreciate your responses. That “you” = the company. (How can a company be such a big company and…)

You’d think they could wrap up .us pretty quickly at least. I’ve always thought they should be a registrar. It’s just so logical. They should add hosting too. One stop: register, protect, and host a domain.

Anyway, thanks for your help re the cost.

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