Domain Registrar and Domain Email?

I will be transferring my Domain name over to Cloudflare before the end of this year 2019. Reason is because im paying over 25$ CAD for a .org domain. Right now I am with 1and1 and have been with them for over 12 years because they offer 1 Domain Email FREE (smtp forwarding). I am so used to this plus it’s so easy to setup with them a Domain email account.

Unfortunately Cloudflare does not offer as of yet a free email with a Domain so my question is where could i continue using my domain email that has already been set up and hopefully something FREE as I dont make any money for what i do on my site, plus im on disability so money is very tight every month. If this helps anyone i do host my own webserver

Is there any advice preferably pointing me to a video on how to set up with a free email hosting?

Thank You

Zoho has a Forever Free plan:

Just signed up and reading the instructions as i type this.
@sdayman by the way Thank You very much for the info and link, much appreciated!

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What Province are you in?

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