Domain registered with cloudflare point DNS to a different cloudflare account

How do I point a domain DNS registered with cloudflare on one account point to DNS on a different cloudflare account?

If you’re Enterprise on the other account you could create a subdomain zone/website and delegate a subdomain’s nameservers to it.

Otherwise… nothing too clean or simple, assuming you want proxy/Cloudflare’s protection.

Transfer out to an external registrar, point nameservers at other account, and after transfer lock period you could transfer it into the other Cloudflare account if you wanted.

You can use CF for SaaS, free up to 100 custom hostnames: Cloudflare for SaaS · Cloudflare for Platforms docs to point a few subdomains/domains at a domain in another account, but that’s messy, and if you wanted more then one you’d need to use a Worker or mutiple other domains to route it to different origin servers (because you only get one fallback origin/cf for saas destination per website in Cloudflare).

I had this exact same issue.

see: Need to change our CF nameservers to nameservers on other CF account

End result: I had to move the domain to a different registrar in order to point the DNS to a cloudflare account. Yes, it’s dumb, but that’s the only way.

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