Domain registered through Namecheap, hosted through SiteGround, using domain on Kajabi, trying to set up email- Help please

I’m VERY new at this but am trying to help out a client. She purchased a domain registration through Namecheap, hosting through Siteground, and we are using the domain on Kajabi for the website. We are trying to set up an email address using the domain. She purchased private email through Namecheap which I am able to send emails from but not receive. According to Namecheap, I need to contact Cloudflare regarding this issue. Because I’m not a paying Cloudflare client, they will not help me.

Namecheap provided me this:

And I followed those instructions but it’s still not working.

The website is

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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From the topic title,

May I ask who’s the e-mail provider? SiteGround?

Okay, here - NameCheap Private E-mail.

I also use NameCheap Private E-mail for few domains.

Usually they provide step-by-step instructions how to setup them for DNS.

Kindly, may I ask have you tried looking at their Help Center tutorials:

There are a lot of MX recorsds, which do not look to me like an NameCheap, maybe they were old ones.

If you want to use NameCheap for e-mail, then kindly re-check and setup the DNS records at Cloudflare DNS tab as an example from below:

For the DKIM record from above screenshot, kindly request it via the Chat Support of the NameCheap - they will generated and provide the one for your domain to you (that’s how I got it).

Regarding the e-mail client setup like MS Outlook, the options should look like this (sorry for Croatian language, but the same options at the same place available on english too):

Make sure to check the “SSL” and setup correctly incomming (POP3 or IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) server, also the required ports for them.

You can test your e-mail functionallity using the below tools:

If unsure, you can post a screenshot of your current DNS records for your domain from Cloudflare dashboard - mask or hide the IP address if considered.

Also, just in case, kindly consider and make sure keep in mind the useful information from the below articles:

Hello- Thank you for your help. I updated the DNS records per Cloudflare’s instructions and the email is working, BUT now my website is down. See

I need to remedy this ASAP. Can someone please help?

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Great to hear that!

Therefore, I have tried accessing your Website and it loads fine from my end.
Maybe was the cache issues or something in between, as it seems to me it’s now being fixed and proxied via Cloudflare.

  • server: cloudflare

Thank you for your reply. Basically what’s happening is that Cloudflare is advising me to update my nameservers in Namecheap, HOWEVER, when I did that, the website disconnected from Kajabi. Apparently the jermaine and joyce nameservers are the ones needed to connect with Kajabi (I learned this upon reconnecting it, which is why you see it working now).
It does seem like the email is still working so hopefully the problem is fixed, though i’m not confident it’s set up correctly given all the conflicting information I’m receiving.

I am glad that e-mail is working and you have figured out how to propperly setup the DNs records for the e-mail.

Regarding Kajabi, maybe you manage your settings for Cloudflare from their integrated interface? Could you check that?

Meaning, the given nameservers would have to be from Kajabi, while any change you need to make you have to login to Kajabi and then modify it as needed (hopefully).

I remember there were topics with connecting Kajabi and Cloudflare :search: Search results for 'kajabi' - Cloudflare Community

Here are few useful topics to check and try out:

While, from my understanding as a recently few updates, the CNAME record should be :orange: instead of :grey:.

Unfortunately, I am not so much experienced with Kajabi.

Maybe they are suggesting to change nameservers to their’s (again, they offer you Cloudflare) regarding if they are a hosting provider, from which you could also use e-mail.

As for you, the case is you are using NameCheap e-mail, meaning you just have to use Kajabi for hosting the content for your Website like WordPress, etc., while you will not use Kajabi e-mail service, rather the NameCheap private e-mail service - for which you have to setup the correct DNS records as already posted above.

Or rather, well, if you are hosting your site on SiteGround, then … I am a bit confused here as far as again, not knowing what Kajabi is and what does it offer and what are you actually using from them as a service?
Maybe you are using Kajabi service with some sub-domain, so that’s why they are suggesting you that, or vice-versa around.

Kindly and patiently, wait for another reply from someone else more experienced with the Kajabi and Cloudflare setup.

  1. Web hosting at SiteGround
  2. Domain registered through NameCheap
  3. Using NameCheap Private E-mail
  4. Using Kajabi over the domain

That could be the reason, I think.

@MoreHelp I really think I need direct Cloudflare assistance here. Namecheap says to contact Cloudflare to get this issue resolved. Basically, I can’t change the nameservers because that impacts my domain’s connection to Kajabi.

My email is working inconsistently. I can send emails, but only receive emails about 50% of the time.

Is it just not possible to use a private email through Namecheap AND have my domain connected to Kajabi?

Thank you.

Hi @rachelparmet,

THe two pairs of CLoudflare nameservers generally mean that your domain has been added to two accounts. Only one of these can be active, and that is the one with the currently set nameservers - jermaine and joyce.

Any changes you make in the account asking you to change the nameservers to paloma and zac will not take effect unless you change the nameservers at your domain registrar. Do you have access to the jermaine and joyce account? If so, you should add the email records there instead.

I’m not sure what you need support’s assistance with?

Thank you for your response. I’m not sure what you mean exactly by “do I have access to the jermaine and joyce account.” As mentioned previously, the jermain and joyce nameservers are the ones that Kajabi instructed me to add to Namecheap in order to connect my Kajabi website to my domain. But Cloudflare wants me to remove those nameservers to add Paloma and Zac. So it seems i’m in a catch 22- if I remove jermaine and joyce from namecheap (as cloudflare instructs in attached screenshot), I lost my connection to Kajabi. If I don’t, the email doesn’t seem to work correctly.

Am I missing something?

I thought Kajabi just required a CNAME to point to them. Are you saying that they are controlling your DNS and own that account that the domain is pointing to?

As I said, only one account can be active. So if you’re setting up your emails on an account that the nameservers don’t point to, that will not work.

When I switched the nameserves to Paloma and Zac, the domain disconnected from Kajabi. The instructions from Kajabi to get it working again were to add both nameservers jermain and joyce. They do not control my DNS or own that account. That is just the instructions provided and now the website works.

What do you mean by “only one account can be active”?

The domain is currently added to two Cloudflare accounts.

One asks for nameservers

the other asks for nameservers

Your domain can only point to one of those, so only the DNS records from the active account will apply.

Who does, then? Do you have two Cloudflare accounts, both with the domain added?

You need to combine the DNS records required by Kajabi for your site and those required by Namecheap for your emails into one account that you control and point the nameservers there.

I didn’t realize the domain is added to two Cloudflare accounts. I thought there was one Cloudflare account asking for Paloma and Joyce. Kajabi is asking for Jermaine and Joyce as the set up.

Now that you say that, I suppose it’s possible there are two cloudflare accounts. As mentioned initially, I am setting this up for a client. She purchased the domain 2 years ago and said she’d never heard of Cloudflare. I set up a Cloudflare account. Maybe there was already an account set up? Is that what you’re saying?

Yes, for there to be two nameserver pairs being asked for, unless it’s a very unusual situation, there must be 2 Cloudflare accounts involved.

For you to control the domain and be able to get email working, it will need to point to that account that you control. You then need to make sure that all the DNS records required by Kajabi are added there.


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