Domain reg access to delegated/administrator members


Is there a way to allow team members to add domains? We try to avoid using the master account(s) as we have multiple


You need an Enterprise account for RBAC.

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I don’t mind giving full-access to all of my admins, it’s mostly I, me, myself and our dev lead

All my other team members on my account are Admin (just a few of us), and I was expecting they would be able to access the page for transferring a domain over as well. I just thought it was an oversight that my other users were just seeing a 404 on the page.

Sounds like this is intentional though?

Seems odd since they have the ability to add and delete entire sites from the account, why not manage the registrar for the sites as well?

Come to think of it, I guess that implies extra billing charges potentially. Is that maybe why?

@bryan6 a site with a pro account can spend more in a month than 2 domains, so I don’t think so :frowning: