Domain redirects to subdomain

I need than when access to “” redirects to “” ever

Add a Page Rule:
Redirect with a 301 to

I did any changes, my page is down… “Error 502 bad gateaway”

Can you post the real domain and subdomain you want this to work on?

Need than redirect to

I don’t think your Page Rule is working. Can you post a screenshot of that Page Rule?

After that, isn’t responding for me.

Mmmm, I redirect with CNAME records

That probably won’t work since your server knows those are two different websites. It’s difficult to mask one domain as another unless you reconfigure your server.

Well, if use “A record” to points to the IP and with Page rule redirect to… It work?

The first thing you need to do is get to work as a website. Then the page rule I posted in the beginning will work.

Ok, I will try.
Thanks for the help!

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