Domain redirection to another do both need to be set up?

I have two domains let say for simplicity A & B. When people go to the website for domain A they are automatically being redirected over to domain B for the website. Both of these domains have their own separate email hosts the only thing in common is that they both use the same website.

My question is that to afford these domains the protection of Cloudflare and the SSL/TLS cert for the website do I have to configure both domains under Cloudflare? Are there going to be any gotchas if SSL/TLS is implemented?

When domain A redirects to domain B (with the actual site) would it be displaying domain B?

If you set up both on Cloudflare you can set up a simple redirect rule to give a 301 redirect to the visitors to site A to direct them to site B.

It appears that both sites are working ok. I already had a redirect rule in place at the domain registrar to redirect it to the other domain’s website prior to implementing Cloudflare. I did a quick test and the pages seem to be displaying properly. If I have any issues I will add to this thread. Thanks for the replies.

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