Domain Redirecting to Another Cloudflare Domain

Hey guys.

Something weird is going on.

I have domain A ( with Cloudflare and Domain B ( root domain).

When i go to a (this is created in DNS Zone and in my WHM with a Wordpress Instalation) automaticly redirects to (root folder…

I checked:

HTACCESS for any redirect and nothing.
Redirect on WHM in each account and nothing.
My HOST file on my PC and nothing.
I delete both accounts from Cloudflare, i add them again and nothing, still the same…

I dont know what to do anymore…

Let me know!

Thank you guys!

Post the actual URLs.


Hi. is the one with issues.
and is redirected to:

Let me know.

Usually I would have said it is a page rule, but in this case it seems to be Wordpress. Check the header that gets sent along with the redirect.

x-redirect-by: WordPress

How can i do this?

From cPanel they told me this:

In the server the redirect not happen.

Please try disabling Cloudflare for and let us know if the issue persists or not after doing so. if the issue does persist, please leave Cloudflare disabled for and then respond to this ticket and we will further investigate.

Did you try this? I am pretty sure you will still have the redirect. That does not seem to be Cloudflare related.

I didnt try this because i was waiting for your comment. This is something weird… i dont know how to proceed. Never happend to me.

I just recive this… WTF ahah

I just try to login to and it works… when i go to the site, redirect again…

Yes, it is a local issue.

And yes, it is the usual SSL thing.

Your server is not configured to serve on HTTPS and defaults back to the other domain for all HTTPS requests. You need to tell your host to fix that configuration and install a proper certificate, valid for your domain.

Im the host… The thing is… im not using any certificate… im using only Cloudflare…

Then talk to yourself :smile:

Seriously, you need a certificate. Install a certificate and make sure your HTTPS configuration is correct and the issue will be fixed.

Sandro, we only use Cloudflare SSL…

That is precisely what I understood and why I wrote what I wrote before :wink:

You need a certificate on your server if you want to use HTTPS.

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