Domain redirecting Help without Pointing to an IP

My domain isn’t pointed to any IP
I have only DNS records maintained in Cloudflare
and MX records to a third party mail service prodier.

I have set the following page rules to redirect my domain to a page but it doesn’t work
Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url: Redirecting...)

Please help

Try making it *mydomain (without that period). That should match everything. If you post the actual domain, we can take a closer look.

Just to add to what @sdayman said, I don’t think the $1 you have should be there. That is for the URL you want to forward to, in case you want to keep the path etc. You don’t normally have it in the URL to forward from.

You could follow Redirecting One Domain to Another, but where it refers to Domain B, just put your Facebook URL in and ignore the $2.

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