Domain redirected you too many times

I am getting an error domain redirected too many times error! Somebody help me to fix this issue.

Hi @jemshithtk,

The most common cause is if you have your SSL/TLS mode set to Flexible, if that’s the case you should change to Full (strict). If you’re already on Full (strict), check the other fixes in this tip:

How can I enable that?
I am a beginner!

You go to the SSL/TLS section of your dashboard:


Then check the option looks like this:

I am hosted my website on netlify so How to configure that??

Netlify don’t recommend using Cloudflare, but you should still be able to configure this in your dashboard at Cloudflare. You don’t need to do anything at Netlify unless you don’t have a valid certificate for your website to work with HTTPS.

when I tried to install the origin certificate on netlify it shows an error that “is not a valid PEM certificate”

Yes, I don’t think Netlify support Cloudflare Origin Certificates. Do they not provide a valid certificate for your custom domain?

Now I have done the setup. How can I check whether it’s working or not?

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