Domain Redirect without showing destination

hello everyone

I would need to make a redirect to another site by hiding the first site.

I would like to have visiting redirect to without showing the destination url.

how can i do it?

Hello there,

Its quite vague here: How can you redirect without the destination? For redirect, you need for ex: which is redirected to Here you are asking to hide the second. When you do so, that’s just gonna happen. Is this what you mean to say?

A redirect, while hiding the destination (or the source) is literally impossible to do.

If you want to proxy site B through site A, showing site A in the address bar there is a way to do so, but it requires enterprise as it can be abused and they need to validate them. You can’t just go ahead and proxy Google’s or Cloudflare’s homepages.

This practice is sometimes offered by registrars as domain masking. One method of providing it was through the use of an iframe, which one could possibly still accomplish with their own hosting. There are more options to prevent such activity than there once were, so it works best if target domain is a willing participant.

A common use of this technique was to show the content of free site with a name like at a custom domain of either because the free site had no option to use your own domain, or sometimes to avoid a fee for such integration.

Workers was the only Cloudflare product that I would have thought might be able to achieve that result, but if that were the case, I expect @matteo would have mentioned it.


With iframe it gives me target domain ssl certificate error.

the domain is campo-coaching (dot) com but as you see it shows the url where the page is

It’s still possible to do so, but it’s a very quick way to get banned, if you don’t control both domains especially. So you have to be careful and I always tend to not propose these solutions.

If you control both domains, and servers especially, just point directly to the server and accept the other domain as well with the same content.


@matteo & Thank you for enlightening me! :grinning:

I have DNS control of both domains, and they are both on Cloudflare

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Then just point the DNS to the origin server… the server just needs to accept the other domain and serve the content.

okay so i create a record A website IP

but in destination?

Can you install a certificate on that server?

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The IP of the server where site b is hosted. The same vale as the record for site b is showing in Cloudflare.

No, dont have a hosting but only manage DNS

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