Domain redirect with nameserver but I can't find it in CF

I everyone,

I have a domain registered witn Netsons and I needed to add a CNAME record in order to redirect a subdomain to an external software, but it wasn’t working.

Netsons support told me that it was because I had redirected the subdomain to Cloudflare with nameserver (see pic below).


But I can’t find any domain or DNS of this domain in my CF account.

Since I didn’t do this tech stuff but a person did it for me, and he says he don’t have access to any accont anymore, is that a way to find where to access DNS of my domain in CF?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

If you are unable to recover the accoint the domain is using one of these methods, your remaining option will be to add the domain to another Cloudflare account that you can access.

The latter option has the potential to be disruptive. You can minimize, or even eliminate, that risk by collecting all of the information that you will need for creating your DNS records in advance. Note that this means the IPs of your origin servers, not Cloudflare proxy IPs.

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