Domain redirect: Still doing it after being removed

So I have been doing a mass swap from google domains to Cloudflare… But before this I had domain redirects on google… now I have completely swapped over to here and it is still doing the redirect and I don’t want it to anymore and I don’t know why. I have tried to delete the DNS records but that does nothing… if you could help me out a bit that would be awesome!

If there’s no DNS record there’s no way for it to redirect… are you sure you don’t have redirects cached in your browser? They can remember 301/308 redirects for a long time.

What’s the domain that’s redirecting and what do you see it redirecting to?

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So, what I have found is that after removing the redirect on both google domains and Cloudflare it will still redirect…

original: beta.excample. com
redirect: areallylongurl.somethinghere.excample .com
I just want to remove the redirect completely and not have it go to the really long website URL.

You likely have a wildcard subdomain DNS entry. Look for a DNS entry named *

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