Domain redirect: proper instructions



I have a domain, properly working:

I have a second domain to forward to the first:

On the second domain, I hava to:

Is that correct?


Looks like it should work to me…

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Looks pretty all right to me.

Actually one page rule for ** is sufficient.


Thank you very much, I’ll wait for DNS propagation to check it all.

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If you post the domain names we can check.



With only one Page Rule

(** 301$1)

it forwarded well, but forwarded to (adding www to the url).
So I had to split the page rules.


One rule should still work if you use $2.


Ok, shame on me, so first * would go into $1 (that explains the added www), the second would go into $2.

Thank you very much.


No worries and yes, your observation is correct.

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