Domain redirect failing


This one may be obvious, but it is still not working. Trying to redirect one domain to another. I set the DNS records:
A @
A www

And added a page rule:
to$2 does redirect, but does not. Any ideas why?

Are both of the A type DNS records proxied :orange:?

Maybe if you split it into two rules?:* Forwarding URL 301 ->$1* Forwarding URL 301 ->$1

Or rather if not using any other sub-domain (other than www) like,, you could try with

** Forwarding URL 301 ->$1

Not quite sure why it does not work for the wildcard.

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No idea why it didn’t work. I deleted the page rule and then added it again and then both redirects were fine again. I changed nothing in the page rule, just deleted it, and added the same page rule again.
Thank you for your help!

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