Domain redirect causing timeout issues

We redirected a domain now it times out when you try and access it from google and the emails with that domain don’t work. Everything from our godaddy account seems to be working but i just got an email saying the nameservers for the domain no longer point to Cloudflare. This seems normal but could that be causing our issues?

Did you change the nameservers?

If you changed the nameservers but did not configure all other appropriate DNS records (such as MX for email) then yes, this would likely have a detrimental impact.

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We didn’t change the nameservers, just added a re-direct in our domain manager.

That might have caused the nameservers to be switched back automatically.

Can you go to your GoDaddy account and check that the Cloudflare nameservers are still in use?

It would also help if you told us your domain.

They’re different nameservers than what cloudflare is asking me to use. xdenver .co is the domain.

Then you probably want to change the nameservers back to those provided by Cloudflare.

After that, you can add a Redirect Rule in Cloudflare if you are using the Cloudflare proxy.

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