Domain Redirect – Can you help just a little, please?


I think this should be a simple question. I need help to redirect my nameserver from (on WordPress) to (not on WordPress). I have tried via my DNS provider, Namecheap. It works for the www version but not for the https:// version. I don’t want people to get a dud page when they google CultureWeave & click there.

Since I have custom domain nameservers via Cloudflare on my account, support at Namecheap told me I need to get this done on the Cloudflare side first.
Thank you for any help!

Hi Caroline. I think you’re getting terminology mixed up. It sounds like you want to redirect visitors from to . If that is the case you don’t need a nameserver change.

Or, if you want the server for to listen for requests to and automatically redirect to YGF, then you would need to change DNS Zones at Cloudflare. Or… change the nameserver for CW to point directly to your server.

So… maybe a simple question, but many variables and options.
You should probably hire a web developer.

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