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Recently I transfered one of my domains to Cloudflare registrar, the process already completed but now I dont understand how to change domain records, I want to point my 1&1 host with addon domain so I need to change dns in the domain to the ones from host but I simply dont understand how to do it.

Another thing not resolved yet by email support is that cloudflare didn’t extend the domain expiration, it is the same I already paid to the old provider, do you know why?


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All domain DNS records should match the ones at your host. Cloudflare generally scans them, but you can edit the, manually:

As for expiration date, only Support can answer to that. It should extend by one year when transferred.


I’m losing my mind, I can´t make it to work, I already tried and tried but I can´t accomplish the task

I know how to add Records in Cloudflare DNS app but I dont know what to put there, the A record already have the ip from server

I already searched a lot looking for a tutorial on whats next after transfering a domain from another provider to Cloudflare but I cant find anything, it is supposed that I don´t have to do anything but my site stoped working after the domain transfer. You don’t know how much I regret giving a chance to Cloudflare domain registry

My domain is and I can see it is already targeting my hosting server because it shows nginx error but it is not showing my actual website and I dont understand why.

My temp web adress given by host company is and it is accesible but when I try to enter trough simply it doesn’t work.

Do you know where can I find a tutorial on what to do after transfering a domain from old provider to Cloudflare?

I used dig tool from geektools web to double check the host ip and shows the same ( so I dont know what else to do in order to have the domain working again.

Help please… :exploding_head:


For now, go to the “Overview” page of the Cloudflare dashboard and click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” in the lower right corner, and wait five minutes. This will send all requests directly to your server.

Then make sure your site is up and running with HTTPS. Right now, that server doesn’t have a valid SSL/TLS certificate, and when I connect with just HTTP, I get that 404 error.

Something is wrong at your server.

Thank you very much

I turned off cloudflare, reinstalled ssl certificate, and changed cloudflare ssl from flex to full.

I added the domain via TXT reccord in 1and1 control panel and now it is working, the sad part is that I wasn’t able to make it work trough normal dns reccords, only trough TXT reccords.

I’m wondering what is going to happen when I try to point the domain to a hosting who doesn’t support adding domains via TXT reccord like CPanel hostings. I don’t understand what I still missing and email support told me that they are not able to help me because I’m using cloudflare free services. Truth is I wonder why they answer something like that when I’m having issues with it´s paid domain services but thats another story.

I’m going to try changing the domain destination to another hosting with Cpanel and hope it works ok over there, I already bough the hosting package so I’m going to try again in like 5 days.

Again. Thank you very much. Greetings.

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